This blog is mainly for me to jot down events of my life, my thoughts and my memories. One day, I hope that I can read back and say to myself, I live a contented life.


Master of ???

As a person, I think of myself as Jane of all trade, master of none.. I have so many interests.. But I am not actually doing one specialty of which I am very good at..

My interests nowadays range between:

  • personal finance / wealth advisor : I totally love reading about personal finance.. bought tonnes of books.. but have yet to actually sit down and create all the templates that I have in my head
  • party planning : this came about after i started planning for my children's birthday party. and then it went on to planning baby shower, bridal shower and office parties.. ohh the fun!
  • cooking like giada or barefoot contessa : hmm.. i do not have the natural flair of cooking but i love to be able to whip something up at moment's notice. especially now that the kids are big enough to eat everything!
  • interior design : i have been collecting interior decorating magazines since forever! Ok.. since uni years... it is my bedtime story! and stress reliever.. but this needs money and time.. unless I am able to do a lot of DIY
  • organizing : oh the blogs that i am hooked at! All the labels, the beautiful containers, the colourful papers!!
Since I have written this down explicitly, perhaps I would be able to tick everything one by one.. Soon, hopefully.. Ameen...

Eid Mubarak!

Taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum
Hope your Eid celebration with your loved ones were wonderful
Maaf Zahir Batin from me.. 
May we continue our ibadah during ramadhan well into other months
And may we meet more Ramadhans in the future..


Bake a cake.. bake a cake..

It was only an instant mix...
As the mummy has no natural talent to bake..
But DS#1 requested for a baking session
And mummy does not have the heart to say no..
Plus mommy wants to reduce TV time..
So we went ahead
Pouring oil, water and eggs into the mix
It turned out edible.. 
but what was more important..
It was made with love! 

I love spending weekends with the kids! With less house chores, there are more reading session, chatting session and most addictive hugging session!!

Thank you God for these two special gifts you have given me. May I be guided to teach them to the path of righteousness


Ramadhan's blessings..

Just a few days after I wrote my 'no maid in Ramadhan' situation, I got a call from DH regarding one maid available.. wow.. if this is not a rezeki in Ramadhan, I don't know what it is. The funny thing was, we were not even looking.. I am already comfortable with our schedule - having the kids at their grandparents after school and also the cleaner coming round every week. But it seems that we would also be helping the other party, so we just took her home for a try out session. My tagline this time around was : 'Maid jatuh ke riba'.. hehe..

I can't comment much but undoubtedly my cooking time went from 45 minutes to only 20 minutes top and I no longer have to do laundry.. which is always a good thing.. well, partly though.. I still cannot trust anyone with all my hijabs! The house is clean, yes, but the house was always clean before too since nobody actually live here during daylight! I guess, when I set my expectation low, it would almost always surpass the expectation. Perhaps the best thing out of this arrangement is that, DH does not have to do housework and I have reduced my nagging significantly. (well, for the past 5 days, atleast)

One thing I constantly remind myself is that, regardless whether I have a helper or not, kids should always remain my priority.. I would try my best to constantly be with them during my out-of-office hours. And I would not let go all work at home. I would still do the clean up because after 6 maids.. (yes, mind boggling 6!) I know best not to depend entirely on them! 

Allah knows best.. I hope our decision to take her on would not prove worthless. I pray that all will go well and tawakkal.. Ameen..


Be a Mother, not a Rabbit..

That was what I took away from the Muslimah conference last month. After being a mother, I read a lot of western journalism and books on parenting.. how to train the kids to sleep.. how to feed their right brain.. But shamefully I have to admit that I was not really 'there' for my kids.. 

When they were playing, I was reading
When they were talking to me, I listened while multi tasking
When they were watching TV, I let them be...

After attending the talk, I realize that I should be in the moment more often. I should listen more to what they are saying cause truly they are magnificent talkers. I should play with them because they are most imaginative. I should engage with them while watching TV so that they gain benefit from understanding the right and wrongs of the show rather than absorbing..

From then on, I hope to remember to look into the eyes of my children more often, hug and kiss them as many times as possible and be a listener even to my 2 year old child.

Alhamdulillah for I know about this now.. Each day I hope to be a better mommy than yesterday.. 


Ramadan Kareem

Alhamdulillah.. Thank you Allah for giving me another chance to meet Ramadan again. Despite the hectic schedule during the holy month, I really do hope that I would be able to perform Tarawih prayers at the mosque atleast once!

This would be the first Ramadan with no permanent in-house maid. DH now has two Ramadan buffet going on and he is busy all the time. With no help, the laundry has to be done, sahur still needs to be served, kids should still be following their schedule and I still have to work.. Truthfully, I am pretty scared with all that but this is the challenge that I have.. and I should face it head on.. :-)

To make life easier, last weekend, I wrote down my meal plan for two weeks and alongside created my market list and grocery list.. It made my grocery shopping so much more efficient cause I know what I am cooking, hence what I am looking for.. I was done with everything in about 45 minutes!

At home, I portioned it out according to the meals.. Then I peeled off onions and garlic.. put them in a container. Less preparation time on cookday! I put my meal plan on the fridge and every night, I would thaw whatever I need for my cooking the next day.. By the time I reach home at 6pm, everything would be ready to go in the pot or pan! :-)

I know that most of the time I would just like to whine with all the dishes and laundry.. but for this Ramadan, I would try to change.. Change is good, and eventhough it is just a small change, hopefully it is a lasting one. Ameen...


Here we go again...

How long has it been... I thought I'd never come back here.. I thought I would be content just keeping the thinking in my head.. But my head is now bursting with so many things.. so many emotions.. and this is where i turn to in the end.. and it had always been that way.. Perhaps I should forget about trying to stop blogging.. cause some time down the road.. I know I will start writing again..

Nowadays I cant help but wonder.. how many previous decisions that I made or helped others to make was wrong.. or right.. Am I on the path that I wanted to be.. Where should I be heading.. What should I do to change my direction..

So many questions.. so many ifs..


Idle is not good

Some changes in the workplace has now resulted me being in a sort of limbo position.. I am transferring almost all my coverage to another colleague whilst not having anything new given to me in replacement. As a result, most of the time, I am quite idle. Quite idle being the word because I do get involved with some projects and also attended some courses.. But most of the time, I am quite idle..

Some people would say that I should cherish these moments.. It is definitely not my doing that I am being put into this position. Hence, rest and relax.. But after a while... I don't think I can take it anymore.. It is definitely a waste of braincells, time and money for the corporation. Plus, what will be in my KRA for my year end review? 

After few weeks of being idle, I decided that enough is enough.. I should atleast do some stuff to fill in my time.. and guess what? the brain does not want to function at maximum capacity at the moment. I guess it is true that after some time of less activity, brains do get rusty.. So i now know how difficult it is for people who pursued studying after years leaving university.

So today I am going to oil my brain again.. I hope it will reach it's normal operating level soon enough. Tired of being useless!